UPDATE 2024:

Slowly but surely Eileen has been recovering from her transplant.  The major concern regarding the lung function and the heart function seem to have recovered completely and the fear of further organ damage seems to be a concern we no longer fear.


The doctors seem surprised about her rapid progress with her recovery.  

She has been eating well and gained her prior weight back, and have been more active.

She's doing school work online, and has been progressing well.

We still have many concerns and worries that we will need to look out for...

But thanks to the overwhelming support and kindness everyone has shown us- she is thriving.


Thank you all and Happy New Year!!!1




UPDATE: We did get more information. Dad (Victor) was finally able to see Eileen post transplant! She is still mostly asleep but surgery went as planned. He was also able to FaceTime mom (Tamiko) while he was with Eileen as she was still in recovery.

Both surgery went well

Mom (tamiko) took a few steps yesterday and is determined to recover as much as she can before Eileen gets moved from the ICU to the private (avoid contamination) patient room.

Dad (Victor) has been strong and by their side the entire time!

This is all thanks to your thoughts and prayers! Thank you so much and keep it coming!!

Coming down to a little less than 4hrs until the transplant surgery starts! Keep us in your thoughts!

UPDATE 8/3/2023

We finally have a definitive date for the transplant.  8/21/2023. We apologize for the delay in update as we wanted some concrete information to relay on to all of you.  First and foremost thank you for the overwhelming support and love that you have given Eileen and her family.  Each and every one of the comments, donations, and prayers have all been received with so much gratitude.  


Eileen will be receiving a portion of the liver from her mother, Tamiko (my sister).  They are currently focusing on the preparation for the liver.  With this procedure, both of them will be in the hospital for an extended period of time.  Eileen's father will be in and out of the hospital for care and Eileen's two older sisters (Erin and Serena), will be holding the fort at home.  Please continue with all your prayers and positive thoughts as it has been working miracles.  


Below is the post from Eileen's parents:



From Eileen's Mother (Tamiko)

아린이 수술 날짜 잡혔어요~. 8월 21일 제 간으로 이식수술 진행합니다. 수술 당일까지 최대한 아린이와 저의 컨디션 유지에 집중하고 나마지는 의료진에게 맡기려고 합니다. 모든 분들의 아낌없는 후원, 응원, 격려, 정성, 기도, 그 외 모든 긍정적인 도움으로 더 건강한 모습으로 다시 돌아오겠습니다. 도움 주신 많은 분들께 진심으로 감사드립니다.



From Eileen's Father (Victor)

아린이 간이식 수술 날짜가 드디어 잡혔습니다.2023.8.21 (월) 서울아산병원입니다.정확한 수술시간은 나오지 않았지만 나오는대로 알려드리겠습니다.

다행히 8월16일에 예정이었던 아린이 엄마의 간 조직검사가 3주 앞당겨져서 바로 수술 날짜를 잡을 수 있었습니다.

공여자인 엄마 간이 아린이에게 조금 작아서 꽤 난이도 있는 수술이 될거라고 합니다. 기도와 긍정적인 마음들을 보내주세요. 무조건 수술 잘되서 아린이 더 강해진 모습으로 집에 돌아 올수 있을거라 100% 믿습니다.

그동안 정말 많은 분들이 도움을 주셔서 아린이 수술비, 입원비, 저희 가족 생계비가 어느정도 해결되었습니다. 지금부터는 아린이 수술과 건강 회복에만 전념하겠습니다. 너무 너무 감사합니다.

앞으로 아린이 간이식 수술과 입원. 공여자 엄마의 회복, 아린이의 회복. 그리고 아빠가 한달동안 간병인으로 서울에 가있어야 해서 애린이 세린이 둘만 천안 집에 남게되는 등 여러가지 어려움이 많지만 저희 가족 똘똘 뭉쳐서 잘 헤쳐나가겠습니다. 걱정보다는 용기와 격려와 긍정의 메세지 부탁드립니다. 종교가 있으시다면 각자의 신에게 기도해 주세요. 감사합니다.


Dear friends, family, acquaintances, and benevolent strangers 


I am writing to humbly ask for your donation for our beloved 10 year old niece, Eileen, who is suffering from biliary atresia. Her parents Victor and Tamiko has been battling with Eileen since her first diagnosis as an infant.


Biliary atresia is a rare liver disease where the bile ducts, which carry a digestive fluid called bile from the liver to the small intestine, are damaged, blocked, or missing. This causes a backup of bile in the liver, leading to liver damage, and often times develops into liver failure.


She underwent her first major surgery when she was 69 days old.  Have undergone countless imaging and testing (some of them far from painless) through her entire life and has taken it all like a champ.


Many children with disease will need a liver transplant at some point in their life, some immediately after the initial surgery (Kasai Procedure) done in attempt to prolong the life of the damaged liver. She bravely endured countless daily treatments and procedures up to her current age of 10.


Sadly, she recently developed a rare but serious complication called the hepatopulmonary syndrome, where her other organs are struggling to keep up with her failing liver.


Due to this, she needs a liver transplant as soon as possible, and her parents are both getting tested as a potential donor, and doing everything they can to prepare for the procedure. Her mom, Tamiko (my sister) has had to quit her job to be at Eileen’s side.  Her father Victor has had to take significant pause to manage the care of Eileen’s two older sisters and the transportation to and from the hospital (2hrs away).  Without hesitation, both parents have quit/paused their jobs to focus on caring for their daughter and preparing for the surgery.


As you can imagine, this has put a significant financial strain on the family. Medical expenses and daily living costs are piling up, and they will be unable to work for close to a year due to the recovery period and her immune status (even with successful transplant Eileen will need to be quarantined due to her immunocompromised status), which will make things even more challenging. Any amount of donation will be enormously helpful for Eileen's medical bills and living expenses over the next year.


Moreover, for the donor (hopefully one of her parents will be a match) of the liver, there are significant testing and surgery fees needed for the transplant, and the hospital does not cover these expenses at all. This means that any additional donation would be essential to support the donor's contribution, as well as Eileen's care.


We understand that these are challenging times for everyone, and appreciate any support you can offer. You are not merely helping Eileen, but also supporting her parents in this challenging situation.  Even if you are unable to donate, if you can help spread the word we would be extremely grateful.  Thank you all for your kindness and consideration.


Sincerely and humbly,

Kazuko Nakamura