Eileen's Support and Family



Uncle Taa-kun mobilized his online apparel store that he owns with his friend to bring awareness.  Look how many people sent pictures to show their support to Eileen to tell her she's not alone in this fight!!

Sporting Uncle Taa-kun's designs


A series of funny videos of Eileen's family


Uncle Apple may not be good with words. But shows support in so many other ways 

It's a bit scary and embarrassing to say that the last time I got to hold this cuddle-bug in my arm was in 2019 when she flew all the way to CT to visit our family.


She was always willing to give a lending had, and would place herself next to me if I was sitting on the couch.  


The laser focus and the detailed precision she had when she made soaps from a kit was something I never saw in a child that young (other than of course her two older sisters).


Life gets busy seems like the lamest excuse I can think of.  Covid seems equally ridiculous as to why I haven't seen her in so long.


Care packages a few times a year is the extent to what I do and tells you how lacking I am as an aunt to my beautiful nieces living on the opposite side of the globe.  Countless videochats, videos, and pictures we share should never replace our physical time together but I've been complacent.  


And now comes my worst excuse of all times- financial support is currently more essential than my physical presence.  Please help me help her!